Dementia Care 

A personal passion for Memory Care 

At Maplewood Senior Living, we hold special regard for residents with Alzheimer’s disease and memory impairment such as dementia.  We believe, while memory loss means living with certain challenges, it should not stand in the way of leading a life of dignity.

Inspired by this belief, we created several levels of care to address the unique needs of residents with earlier, mid stage and later stage memory loss.  

Each associate is trained in the HEART approach to caregiving, an acronym for Humor, Empathy, Autonomy, Respect and Reaching out to others, and Trust and Triumph. 


For those living with earlier memory impairment, Tides™ is the perfect environment.  We have private apartments with handicapped bathrooms, enrichment programs and beautiful common areas. We have a dedicated Tides Coordinator who oversees the daily routine of our dementia care residents.


Currents™ was created for those needing more support and who are living with mid and later stage memory impairment.  From the secured courtyard to the bright, modern country kitchen, our communities and grounds are designed to make dementia care residents feel safe, cared for, and comfortable.

All of our associates are trained in techniques to communicate positively with those living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Our staff of associates provides professional and loving care to residents with a wide range of needs, for those who require a little extra help with daily activities, to those living with greater memory impairment.

Please take a few minutes to view our memory care brochure.

Inspired Dining

Maplewood Senior Living offers Inspired Dining for those living with memory impairment. As people age, their sense of taste often decreases – which makes eating fresh, flavorful foods even more important. Inspired Dining allows residents to engage in a culinary dining experience that helps them to discover the joy of living in the moment. Learn More about Inspired Dining.