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At Maplewood Senior Living, we cultivate a lifestyle based on a heart-led philosophy of vibrant, intentional living founded on these nine essential lifestyle building blocks.

Enlivened Engagement

Staying engaged is key to living joyfully. We tap into residents’ interests to keep them as social, stimulated, and active as possible.

Intentional Living

Our residents enjoy purpose-built spaces that feel like home, curated programs that inspire, and mindful menus that nourish.

Movement for Wellness

Daily programs like yoga, aerobics, and swimming keep residents in motion to improve fitness and flexibility.

Enriching Arts

We engage and encourage artistic passions through cultural activities like drama, photography, painting, and sculpture.

Sense of Community

Our living communities strive to foster acceptance and inclusion with thoughtful opportunities for fellowship and connection.

Family Connection

We cultivate inviting social spaces and programming so residents can stay genuinely connected to their friends, family, and pets.

Brain Health

Lifelong learning, superfoods, and fitness classes support a positive mindset and active living throughout our residents’ journey.

Energizing Environments

Our communities are designed to spur inspiration, including beautiful gardens and open-plan dining rooms that delight the senses.

Shared Laughter

Every member of our team builds connections through compassion and open communication, always finding ways to share joy and humor.

Technology That Empowers

By combining these lifestyle building blocks with Catalyst, Maplewood’s powerful technology suite, we provide cutting-edge, compassionate care to help our residents live their best lives.

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