Memory care in Weston

Dementia Care in Weston, MA

A Personal Passion for Memory Care

At Maplewood at Weston, we hold special regard for residents with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of memory impairment, such as dementia. We believe that while memory loss means living with certain challenges, it should not stand in the way of leading a life of dignity.

Our emotion-based philosophy of care, HEART™ (Humor, Empathy, Autonomy, Respect/Reaching out to others, and Trust and Triumph), helps to engage residents so they can continue to enjoy life to their maximum potential. Our memory care neighborhood addresses the unique needs of residents with early, moderate, and advanced stages of memory impairment.

Maplewood at Weston

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99 Norumbega Road Weston, MA 02493

Maplewood at Weston Memory Care Neighborhood

Maplewood at Weston has on-site certified nursing staff 24 hours a day.

**Administered under Special Care Residence License


  • Created for residents with moderate to advanced-stage memory impairment
  • Provides additional support, personalized services, and more structure
  • Brain Fitness center using Touch of HEART™
  • Emphasis on making dementia care residents feel secure and more successful
  • Serene courtyard with walking paths and resort-style fireplaces
  • Open-display kitchen with dining room, pub, and al fresco dining
Our chefs use only local, farm-fresh ingredients here at Maplewood at Weston

Inspired Dining

As we age, our sense of taste often decreases - which makes eating fresh, flavorful foods even more important. Maplewood at Weston offers Inspired Dining, an overall sensory-dining philosophy designed for residents with memory impairment. Our residents enjoy fresh, farm-to-table meals that are flavorful and healthy. Inspired Dining allows residents to engage in a culinary experience that helps them live in the moment.

For more information about memory care in Weston, MA, contact Maplewood at Weston.