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Maplewood at Chardon:
A Senior Living Community

Maplewood at Chardon is an assisted living and memory care community located in beautiful Geauga County, OH. Experience a healthy, invigorating environment for all seniors, as well as specialized services and amenities.

Whether you are considering independent livingassisted living, memory care, or respite care, our staff is devoted to providing you and your loved ones an environment where they continue to enjoy life to their maximum potential.

Maplewood at Chardon

(440) 332-4640

12350 Bass Lake Road Chardon, OH 44024

Maplewood at Chardon offers Lifestyle Suites – an assisted living program that allows two residents to share an apartment and receive a significant cost savings. Learn more about this program. Limited opportunities available.

Authentic Living

Maplewood at Chardon exudes small-town charm and a down-to-earth feel at every turn. From the moment residents and guests enter the main lobby, they'll feel the warm glow and welcoming spirit of a lodge - with a majestic stone fireplace serving as the centerpiece. It is easy to feel right at home in our spacious and sunny apartments that are designed specifically to suit the needs of older adults, many with front porches. View our brochure.



Located in Geauga County, approximately 25 miles east of Cleveland, Maplewood at Chardon offers unique, personalized programs of care designed to accommodate the various needs of our residents:

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