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Looking for a Place to Retire? Why You Should Consider a Continuing Care Retirement Community

With nearly 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 each day, many are starting to consider where to spend their retired years. While many older adults prefer to begin retirement in their own homes, remaining completely independent can be difficult as they continue to age. In fact, according to an article published by Harvard Health Publishing, nearly two-thirds of seniors need help doing one or more daily activities. For many adults deciding where to retire, the options can seem overwhelming. While some older adults are discouraged due to the initial high price of a Continuing Care Retirement Community, for many older adults, the benefits outweigh the cost.

Living Options for Seniors

There are many different types of independent living facilities, which vary in cost and size, available to those heading into retirement.

Low Income or Subsidized Housing– Retiring can be expensive. That way the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides safe rental housing for those with restricted financial options. HUD housing also considers affordability, housing options, and supportive features in the services they provide.

Senior Apartments– Senior apartments usually restrict the age of their residents starting at 55 or older, depending on the facility. While this option is a great option for those who are relatively independent, most senior apartment complexes do not usually provide additional services outside of landscaping maintenance.

Retirement Communities– Retirement communities usually offer a variety of independent living options for those over a certain age. Depending on the retirement facility, housing options generally include apartments, townhomes, or condos. These communities most often include additional services such as; a meal plan, outside maintenance, recreation services, clubhouses, and activities.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities– While many older adults are healthy and completely independent when they retire, a lot can change as they age. That’s why many older adults choose to move into a CCRC. These facilities offer a spectrum of care from independent and assisted living to skilled care nursing. In addition, these communities usually offer robust services including; housekeeping, activities, medical care, meal plans, and maintenance. In addition, CCRC’s give residents peace of mind. If they or their spouse become ill, the next level of care is usually just down the hall.

Benefits of Continuing Care Retirement Communities

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to retirement. In fact, one of the biggest decisions facing new retirees is where to live. Older adults consider Continuing Care Retirement Communities for a variety of reasons. Here’s why a CCRC, like Maplewood Senior Living Communities, is more than just a place to put your things.

• Aging in Place– Moving can get more difficult with age. However, all levels of care are easily accessible at Continuing Care Retirement Communities. This can give married residents with different care needs peace of mind.
• Improves and Maintains Quality of Life- Isolation and loneliness affect more than 27% of older adults. This can cause major health concerns like depression and cognitive decline. At a CCRC, residents consistently have the opportunity to socialize with others, learn new skills and develop new interests. In return, many CCRC residents experience an increase in their quality of life.

Exercise– Many CCRCs have a dedicated wellness center available for resident use. Depending on the facility, many communities offer a variety of wellness classes, from exercise to nutrition. At Maplewood at Mayflower Place, we offer personalized fitness training, weight reduction, and other special programs designed to complement any pre-or-post surgery needs, including our Post Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. Our fitness director will create a customized fitness program based on the overall goals, health status, and age of our individual residents. Find out more about our fitness center.

Relief for a Caregiver- CCRCs can be attractive to couples where one is the predominant caregiver for the other for a number of reasons. If needed, the spouse can receive extra care within the facility, where personal care assistants are available for support. This allows the caregiver to support their spouse, while also relieving the stress of caring.

What is The Cost of a Continuing Care Retirement Community

The cost of buying or renting a unit in a Continuing Care Retirement Community can be expensive when compared to other living accommodation options. However, for most adults, CCRCs allow them to live without worry for the future. While the entrance fee and rental cost of CCRCs are high, they aren’t unreasonable when considering all that they offer.

Monthly fees– Most CCRCs do not take a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to monthly rental fees. Many facilities offer a variety of floor plans and finance options to make their facility more accessible to prospective residents. While monthly fees can be higher than paying rent on a condo or senior apartment, they also include many amenities that will become more useful as you age, such as meal delivery, housekeeping services, help with medicine and laundry.

Healthcare Services– Many facilities include healthcare services. In addition, because CCRCs offer the entire spectrum of care, they will have high-quality nursing and medical staff on their campus at all times. In the case of an emergency, a resident will have access to care much more quickly than if they lived alone in their homes.

Lifestyle– One of the most important elements of living a long and healthy life is to stay physically and mentally active. Many older adults are attracted to the lifestyle a CCRC can provide. Providing high-quality activities for residents is often a top priority for Continuing Care Retirement Communities. Many facilities offer a wide variety of activities like a book club, exercise groups, trips to restaurants, museums, and musical and theater performances.

Food Service and Meal Plans– As older adults continue to age, adequate nutrition becomes crucial to their health and wellbeing. Depending on the facility, meal plans may be included in the monthly fee or purchased separately. However, most CCRCs offer a wide variety of high-quality and nutritious meal plans that will keep residents feeling healthy and strong. At Maplewood at Mayflower Place, we take a ‘local first’ approach with our dining experience.

At Maplewood, we know the value of Continuing Care Retirement Communities. That’s why our team at Maplewood Mayflower Place is proud to offer a wide variety of services in our communities all over the country. If you’re interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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