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Upping the Ante in Retirement: Resident and Author William Walker

Allow us to introduce you to William Walker, an extraordinary individual residing at Maplewood at Mayflower Place. We had the initial pleasure of meeting Mr. Walker in August 2020, along with his wife Janet, who had made the decision to leave New York two years earlier and settle down in this vibrant community on Cape Cod. Their independent lifestyle here has granted them the freedom to indulge in activities such as golfing, exploring local attractions, and dining out, all while pursuing their diverse interests. Mr. Walker has immersed himself in the world of writing, and he is now the author of five historical novels.  The series has won plaudits from readers, garnering well over two thousand favorable reviews from enthusiastic readers.  The books are exclusively available at Amazon books.

Before retiring, William Walker led a remarkable life as a government official, diplomat, and international businessman. Among his notable roles was serving as the United States ambassador and chief trade negotiator during the Tokyo round of multilateral trade discussions held under the auspices of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) in Geneva. Residing in Geneva for over two years provided him with invaluable firsthand experiences, which he skillfully weaves into the captivating narratives of his series of books. Set against the backdrop of Central Europe in the 1930s, his novels capture the tense political intrigue of that fraught period, sparked by actual events on the path to war. The protagonist of these gripping tales is Paul Muller, a trilingual Swiss diplomat and spy, who confronts betrayal, corruption, and intrigue as war looms.

In 2016, Mr. Walker’s debut novel, “Danzig: A Novel of Political Intrigue,” was met with critical acclaim, marking the beginning of a promising literary career. Two years later, Mr. Walker delighted his growing fan base with his second book, “A Spy in Vienna”, a tense narrative of Hitler’s takeover of Austria. Then, in 2020, he released his third installment, “Target Switzerland,” which takes place in 1939, a pivotal time in European history as the continent teeters on the brink of war, and Paul Muller, the Swiss intelligence agent, finds himself contending with threats from Germany, Britain, and France. Reviewers showered the novels with high praise.

As Mr. Walker recounted to residents of Maplewood in a roundtable talk, his writing drew inspiration from acclaimed author Alan Furst, whose novels of interwar espionage have captivated readers worldwide.  In addition, all of his novels include an Afterword, where Mr. Walker shares with the reader his insights into the actual historical events that underpin the narratives and further backstory details.

According to Trace Evidence Press, “William Walker has emerged as the new master of interwar novels, skillfully capturing the intensity and drama of a world spiraling towards war. Through his realistic portrayal of men and women facing life and death choices, he provides sophisticated insight into an era fraught with uncertainty and fear.” One Amazon reviewer awarding the book five stars, declared, “After reading Alan Furst and Philip Kerr, I now consider William Walker their equal.”

In 2021, Mr. Walker’s fourth book, “If War Should Come,” hit the shelves, featuring another engrossing and fast-paced storyline, this time set against the backdrop of Europe engulfed in the chaotic outbreak of war. Once again, his work garnered positive reviews. Bookmarks praised the novel, stating, “Walker’s novels have gained immense popularity for a reason. This is an exceptional book that skillfully captures the drama of Europe descending into war. Readers are in for yet another treat as Paul Muller navigates a treacherous world of intrigue and violence.”

In the last days of April, 2023, Mr. Walker proudly presented his fifth novel, “War Ups the Ante.” Transporting us to the winter of 1939-1940, Paul Muller finds himself entangled in a web of betrayal, espionage, and sabotage as European nations desperately strive to avert the outbreak of full-scale conflict.  Mr. Walker’s impeccable research enables the reader to witness the impact of little known, but dramatic, historical events.

William Walker’s journey in semi-retirement at Maplewood, from diplomat to celebrated author, is an inspiration to us all. His mastery of storytelling combined with his rich life experiences has created a series of novels that not only entertain but also bring history to life in an informed and compelling manner.  

Maplewood at Mayflower Place is our only continuing care retirement community (CCRC) and offers the comforts of home with the convenience of a full-time team at your service. Contact us to find out more about this community. 

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